TIV Best Sellers

TIV Best Sellers


TIV Designer Perfume for women is the fragrance of the Caribbean. Tiv comes as an Eau de Parfum Spray, Eau de Toilette Body Spray, and a perfume body powder spray.

TIV was launched 35 years ago in the Bahamas. “We wanted to update TIV,” says Cynthia. “While we were careful not to deviate from our unique original formula of bold florals and sensual spices, we think this contemporary interpretation is the most honest and sophisticated representation of the original fragrance.”

The essence of TIV Designer Perfume remains a unique tapestry of gentle floral impressions. Jasmine, Italian and Rose Bulgarian, with shades of Myrrh and Olibanum from Africa, woven through like golden threads joining the whisper of an ocean breeze, the mysterious aura of the Orient, and the haunting memory of a tropical garden.

Tiv is the best perfume for women looking for a sophisticated and sultry scent that triggers sensual emotions reminiscent of the tropics.

Transform into a Classic Beauty with Tiv Perfume...