Tiv Body Powder Spray – A Caribbean Perfume Powder for Women
February 11, 2017
Eau de Toilette Spray VIP
March 2, 2017
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Tiv Eau de Toilette Body Mist for Women – Caribbean Body Spray


75ml (2.5 oz)



  • Anita C. - Trenton, TN
    I love the smell of TIV. It’s a one of a kind scent … people would stop me to ask what perfume I was wearing! It is my favorite!!!
    Anita C. - Trenton, TN
  • Sincerely, Dolores C. – Chestnut Hill, MA
    I am an enthusiastic customer of  Tiv products, especially the Eau de Parfum Spray, having originally bought the Eau de Parfum in Nassau. I so love this product that I have pursued it for years, doing it by mail order three or four times a year. I get so many compliments on the smell of the fragrance that I could be a walking advertisement for the company. My experiences with Cynthia and her company have always been positive and a pleasure to do business with. This product will sell itself, just needs wider distribution.
    Sincerely, Dolores C. – Chestnut Hill, MA
  • Miriam A. - Potomac MD
    I worked for Marriott International some time ago. I purchased Tiv in the Gift Shop at our Corporate Headquarters. I loved it so much, better than anything I had used before. When I ran out and tried to buy more, I learned that the store no longer carried it. I searched all the stores in the area but couldn’t find it anywhere. I then went to the internet and used a search engine to investigate. I didn’t find a store, but I found you. My best wishes.
    Miriam A. - Potomac MD
  • Joan T. – Washington D.C.
    TIV is the best fragrance that I have ever bought. I was first introduced to it when I asked a friend and member of my church what she was wearing, because it was such a pleasing fragrance. She ordered some for me and now it is the only fragrance that I wear. I always suggest for it as a gift whenever someone ask me for a gift idea for me!!. Please consider makingTIV lotion again. I love fragrant lotions and know that it will be as great as the other products. A Customer 4ever!! Always,
    Joan T. – Washington D.C.
  • Carolyn D. – New Haven, IN
    I love TIV!!!! I have had so many compliments over the years. I have stayed in touch with Cynthia over the years. I can tell you that the Eau de Parfum is wonderful. I’ll never forget when my husband and I were in Chicago at a museum, I was gazing at a beautiful painting when I heard a sniffing sound. When I looked to my right a young man quickly stepped back and smiled. He said ” forgive me, but you really smell good”. I said, “thank you.” When my husband saw what took place, he just grinned. My husband loves the fragrance … it is what I was wearing when we met. THANKS AGAIN
    Carolyn D. – New Haven, IN
  • Gary H. – Spiro, OK
    My wife and I found TIV in Nassau years ago and ever since it has been my favorite perfume. When she wears it, she always gets remarks about how good she smells. It is also one of my wife’s favorites. It stays on all day and she enjoys the attention. It is the perfume she always grabs when we have any special occasions. We totally love TIV perfume.
    Gary H. – Spiro, OK
  • Al S. – Lebanon, OH
    During our memorable trip to Paradise Island, my wife discovered and fell in love with TIV. She has been asked many times where to get it. I’m sure all your customers have similar stories. Good luck, if you need marketing/promotional help let me know.
    Al S. – Lebanon, OH
  • Virginia A. – San Diego, CA
    I have been using TIV for years now. My aunt from the islands introduced me to TIV. All of my friends love it.
    Virginia A. – San Diego, CA
  • Claudette T. - Jamaica, NY
    I met my future husband 35 years ago, wearing TIV on our first date. Over the years he has always said it was the "fragrance" that reeled him in. LOL Thank you Cynthia. We celebrated the anniversary of our first date on April 28, 2017, in NYC at a Diana Ross concert, We are now enjoying Classic TIV together as we prepare to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.
    Claudette T. - Jamaica, NY

Tiv Eau de Toilette Body Spray is beautiful yet subtle body mist for women. Tiv designer perfume is a Caribbean Original fragrance; exotic and sophisticated. It combines classic, floral notes from ultra premium ingredients to create an elegant and utterly unique, long-lasting scent.

One spritz of Tiv body mist will transport you to luxury in the tropics, and evoke your inner island beauty…

Tiv is made from high quality, all-natural essences, derived from minimally processed, natural materials, without any artificial or synthetic components.


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