Where and How to Apply Perfume

Wearing perfume is both art & science.

Where to apply perfume, how to apply it and what type of perfume you’re using make all the difference in whether it makes you smell good, or…bad.

When used correctly, perfume can complement your outfit, enhance your beauty, and even ignite chemistry and desire in others. But the opposite holds true when you wear perfume incorrectly—incorrect use of perfume can not only be embarrassing and leave a bad impression on others, but make people actually avoid being around you.

You wear perfume to smell nice and feel more beautiful and desirable. And it’s probably your worst nightmare that it would instead make people think “Ugh” as you walked by, right? Without the correct usage, it might’ve even happened to you already. That’s why you need to follow these important do’s and don’ts in order for your perfume to have your desired effect.

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The biggest mistake you can make is first buying any old perfume without thought to quality or middle/base notes, and then when applying it, simply spraying it all over.

Follow these tips and tricks to choosing the

right perfume and using it correctly.

Where to Apply Perfume

Don’t spray it all over! This will overdo it, and you’ll end up leaving a negative impression on others around you rather than a positive one. We’ve all experienced it from the other side when a woman walks by with way too much perfume on!

Apply perfume to either the neck, the inside of your elbows, the inner wrists or the backs of your knees. Apply a light spritz on one or two of these areas and the fragrance will be released over time. Your skin in these areas warms as you move and slowly releases the fragrance over time.

Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum

Don’t keep on re-applying your perfume throughout the day and night! The only type of fragrance you should consider reapplying is eau de toilette. But what’s the difference?

Eau de parfum is highly concentrated, whereas eau de toilette is diluted and more subtle, so it doesn’t last as long. You should only apply perfume once a day—even if you can’t smell it anymore. Your nose will grow accustomed to the fragrance over time, but that doesn’t mean others around you can’t smell it! Eau de toilette however, due to its dilution, can be reapplied every 6 hours or so depending on the formula.

How to Choose the Right Perfume

Wear a perfume that reflects what you love. Think of the places you love or dream of going, or a treasured memory, such as a tropical sunset or a Caribbean cruise. Select a fragrance with middle and base notes that echoes your dreams or takes you down memory lane… Maybe it’s rose, vanilla, jasmine, lilies, etc.

How and where you apply perfume makes all the difference. Don’t make the big mistake of buying just any perfume (especially if it’s cheap!) and spritzing it anywhere and everywhere. The biggest beauty blunder a woman can make is accidentally applying too much perfume and making everyone wrinkle their noses around her. You don’t want to be that woman!

Wearing your perfume correctly not only has the potential to enhance your outfit, your beauty, and your chemistry with others, but can also boost your confidence and keep you feeling amazing the whole day! And when YOU feel confident, you’re more beautiful than ever.